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Doga Energy Product Ltd. is a private purpose firm that has been founded under Art.4 of Law no. 3096 and related regulations in order to realize the natural gas fired combined cycle co-generation thermal facility project ( which has 180MW Electricity and 180 MW Heat capacity)..

Date of establishment
Total turnover (1994-2003)
Activity purpose
: May 13 ,1993
: 46 Million USD
: 724.644.586.294.000.-TL
: Establishing and operating 180 MW Esenyurt Natural Gas Fired Thermal Power Plant



Doga Energy was established in 1993 and developed as a partnership owned 80% by Edison Mission Energy,an American company and 20% by Doga Energy Investment Ltd. which is a DOGA HOLDING participation. The company has built the 180 MW Natural Gas Fired Thermal Plant in Istanbul-Esenyurt under Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model and will operate it for 20 years. The plant is developed in order to meet heat energy need of the region and electricity need of the country.

The electricity energy generated by the plant is transmitted to national grid system through the 154 KV high voltage transmission line that passes over facility area.

The facility also can generate heat energy of total 180MW benefiting both flue gas and extracting steam from the steam turbine. The supply of heat energy meet uninterruptedly the heating and hot water demand of Esenkent, a household area of 7400 residences adjacent to the Plant. Thus, Esenkent is the first and largest District Heating System in Turkey.

Plant technical specifications


Facility type
Facility location
Facility area
Main fuel
Back-up fuel
Annual electricity generation
Heat generation capacity
Facility configuration
Main cooling system
Net electricity efficiency
Fuel utilization
: Electricity-heat combined cycle natural gas fired Thermal plant
: Istanbul, Buyukcekmece , Esenyurt municipality
: 20,000 m²
: Natural gas that will be provided by BOTAS
: Tupras 400 Diesel Oil
: 2,925 GWh
: 180 MWth ( with 20 MW auxiliary boiler)
: 3 units 40MW Gas Turbine (GE frame 6) and 1 unit 72 MW Steam Turbine
: Air Cooled Condensor
: 47 %( at site conditions)
: 65 %